[H] [OC] [Classic] <Thrall's Chosen> Recruiting!

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[H] [OC] [Classic] <Thrall's Chosen> Recruiting!

Post by GromashHelscream » 2 months ago

Thralls Chosen
Oceanic - Horde - Raiding - PVP

Without a doubt set to be one of the largest well managed oceanic guilds, recruiting loyal members aiming at all raid content at a semi-hardcore level, PVP at its finest and even RP events for good times and general fun. Thralls chosen a has place for everyone whether you want to take down Ragnaros, pile into alliance territory to collect gnome heads or down beers and banter in Orgrimmar.



How can i join?
Serious raiders should go straight into Discord to talk with the team and/or fill in the raiders form on the website to secure class positions.

Those aiming at PVP, RP and Casual play to the website, join discord and say hello or just leave us a message so we can get in touch closer to launch after character creation.


General Information
- Realm : Oceanic
- Realm Type: PVP
- Faction: Horde
- Guild Type: Social > Semi-hardcore, PVP and RP
- Loot Rules: EPGP for 40 man content. 5,10,20 man content will be less formal. Get rewarded for
any effort made towards guild goals.
- We have many RP minded players, though we won't be on a RP server, we will likely have RP
events and like to keep a Horde atmosphere.

Raiding times:
- 8pm start (GMT+10), 3 days per week for official guild raids.
- More raiding will be done obligation free on other days, often teaming up with another friendly

- While experience is valued, it is not necessary, newbies are welcome. You will find our veterans
are very willing to help new players who show some spirit.
- We are currently recruiting casual and hardcore players of all classes, hardcore players will need
to be able to demonstrate an understanding of their class and raiding.

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