Addon for Dungeons

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Addon for Dungeons

Post by axel » 5 months ago


I would like to advertise an addon, some of us use already. And it allows for great organization when building up a dungeon group - so you an hae your group the next day (possibly) without having to search too long which - on this server - often resulsts in not finding a group.

Ingame go to options, and join channel SymmetryHorde

(because listing stuff in the default channel will show it to both factions). If you are alliance, there probably is a Alliance one listed, too. Or you create it (you can show it in the default channel as an Event which is done for the above)

You will now - with a small delay - see the events from other players, you can join, and create yours.

You can use server time, or YOUR time in the options which will make the addon use either your time or server time when setting up an Event or reading one. So you don't have to translate your time to the server time or another one.

Have fun

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