2x for new players low 1-20 level?

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2x for new players low 1-20 level?

Post by axel » 11 months ago

low level = 1-20


I just recently heard of this server and the Event and could only get an hour of it. I'm sure it got more popular because of the "rare" event. Basically I thought the event was over (extension today wasnt shown to me), and I had private stuff todo instead of gaming :mrgreen:

My idea is to get new players (1-20) a 1-2x rate (perhaps optional so one can play the classic way if he/she wishes to).

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Post by Ramses » 11 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion as we are always open to feedback and new ideas to help grow and strengthen the community. I'm sorry you missed the x2 event but at this point in time, we do not have any plans on what you have suggested at this point in time.

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Post by iwcham1979 » 8 months ago

Hi guys, I am new here again! Already tried once at launch, have a lock 13 :) but quit because the population was too low for my taste... Im going to give it another go I think. I love the PVE side of it and good scripting, a friendly face when I do stumble upon one. But hate being practically the only one in the zone, especially being a player from Europe...I frequently log in just to check up on the population side of things. I cant help but notice that things have remained the same as they were 6 months ago. Have you considered doing small things to help boost population numbers, at least something like double rested bonus or similar things to help motivate new players? Cheers guys!

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Post by Roxanne Flowers » 8 months ago

iwcham1979 wrote:
8 months ago
Have you considered doing small things to help boost population numbers
We don't have as many bots farming as other realms.
I consider that a positive, all things considered ...
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