Changelog October 14, 2018

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Changelog October 14, 2018

Post by Ramses » 9 months ago

Patch is back with another round of fixes, the listed fixes below will take effect this Thursday October 18th during the weekly server maintenance. Big thanks out to Patch for all his hard work in making this great server even better. :biggrin:
  1. Fixed extra spell damage on weapon attacks e.g. (Cold Iron Pick)
  2. Fixed melee/ranged attack reset timers on spell cast
  3. Fixed NPC extra talk options after finishing certain quests
  4. Fixed Gnomeregan - Booty Bay transponders
  5. Fixed Battleground Buffs and AB flag capture script
  6. Fixed pet spells and abilities when using focus
  7. Improved AQ20 General Rajaxx script
  8. Fixed de-aggro bug when NPC's cast spells with knock back, jumping etc...
  9. Fixed Triage Quest script - no longer crashes server
  10. Fixed pets no longer cast spells if they don't have enough mana.
  11. Fixed you now lose aggro on enter/exit instances
  12. Fixed resurrection spells cast inside dungeons/raids
  13. Fixed pets/characters crashing server with learned spells/active auras when logging in
  14. Fixed NPC Vaelan Upper Blackrock Spire trigger
  15. Fixed Polymorph/other spells no longer crashes server in PvP now 100% Blizzlike
  16. Fixed confuse/fear mechanics - confuse breaks on hit, fear doesn't 100% Blizzlike

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Post by nikkij » 5 months ago

Nice to see that all the patches are now fixed and the users wont face any issues in this forum.Keep up the good work.

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