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by Patch
3 months ago
Forum: Support
Topic: Login info not vaild
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Re: Login info not vaild

Are you able to log into the website?
by Patch
8 months ago
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: server status link?
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Re: server status link?

This is accurate. It shows how long the server has been online since the last server restart/shutdown.
by Patch
9 months ago
Forum: Getting Started
Topic: How to connect
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Re: How to connect

Make sure you have your set for:

Code: Select all

set realmlist

this file is located in the root four WoW directory
by Patch
9 months ago
Forum: Development Updates
Topic: TBC Progress Update
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Re: TBC Progress Update

You are not :). You can play on the TBC server if you would like or continue your journey on vanilla.
by Patch
9 months ago
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: The Rebirth Source Engine
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Re: The Rebirth Source Engine

Hi Kanng, Appreciate the suggestion. However AQ 20 and AQ40 are already complete here and will be launched when the patch for it is released. As for the fishing pool inquiry I would go as far as to say Rebirth is the one who had it wrong. Our server is patch progression based meaning alot of content...
by Patch
9 months ago
Forum: Support
Topic: ISP messaging me
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Re: ISP messaging me

This was not for playing on our servers. In my experience and alot of user reports that this is due to the fact that when you download the client you need to remove it from your torrent downloader because it seeds for others to download after you finish downloading it you tour pc.