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by Oz1956
8 months ago
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Topic: Disconnected and can't reconnect
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Disconnected and can't reconnect

I was running my druid and got disconnected. Tried to reconnect, but it keeps sending me to the choose realm page. Says Symmetry Vanilla is online, but I'm unable to connect. I checked the Realm tab on the Home page and it shows the server up, also. Any help would be appreciated.
by Oz1956
8 months ago
Forum: Getting Started
Topic: How to connect
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Re: How to connect

Hi, just joined, account set up, went in to create character, but not sure I got to join the PvE server. I Joined Normal, then it tried to connect me with your Wotlk sever,, changed to Symmetry Vanilla, but never asked if I wanted PvE or PvP. I want PvE.